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Printing Card
  Printing the customer-supplied patterns on the plastic cards and make them to become
  beautiful cards. And the cards don't contain any features such as data processing and
  storage functions.

Contact Chip Card
  Packaging the integrated circuit chip with storage, encryption, and data processing
  capabilities in a business card size plastic card. Contact chip card and reader needs
  to contact correctly to complete the reading action. They are used on ATM card, credit
  cards, NHI cards, phone cards, campus cards and access control cards widely now.
  Characteristics as high safety, data storage capacity, strong security.

Contactless Chip Card
  Between contactless chip cards and readers, through radio waves to complete the read
  and write operations. Used in different applications such as automatic toll collection
  systems, road toll, Easy Card, access cards, campus cards and phone cards. With
  particular emphasis on the user's convenience, speed, reliability, security, fraud
  prevention and cost effectiveness.

Dual-Interface Card
  Is a composite chip cards containing chips that can process contact or contactless
  data transfer instruction and other activities. And may vary according to the different
  types of card readers to make their own judgments, develop the function of contact or

Chip Module
  A data-storage device. Using the IC packaging technology by way of wire bonding one
  or more chip with other different substrates flexible circuit boards to become IC
  Modules. That provide data access and other functions.

  Using the IC packaging technology by way of flip-chip hot, gold bumping with the
  different circuits on the chip substrate junction to become IC Modules. That provide
  data access and other functions.
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